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Jimmie Jack’s: Why We Love Fall

Fewer people. The fall season brings cooler weather, which means the crowds start to go away. In the summer the river is filled with people trying to catch a world record Salmon combined with the run of the Sockeye Salmon. This attracts travelers from all over for Kenai Alaska fishing, but in fall it is a serene environment. The river is calm, the people are gone, and the views are fantastic.


The Views. Fall in Alaska has two different faces. The first half offers a last glimpse of summer with relatively warm temperatures and longer days. Then, the last half the days get colder and the days shorter. This shift causes the foliage to turn a shimmering gold. Take a hike and be submerged in a thick carpet of vibrant leaves. Once the trees start to drop their leaves, you will see more dramatic scenery through them. The snow-capped mountains, wildlife, and the shimmering waters.


Silver Salmon Fishing. As the leaves change colors and the bears begin to stalk the shoreline, the Silver Salmon fishing heats up, and we have some of the finest fishing of the year. In September you will experience a large run of big silver salmon weighing 10-15 pounds! In addition to the fantastic Silver Salmon, you can fish for trophy Trout, making for some of the finest days of fishing in Kenai Alaska.


Trout Fishing. Kenai has both big and many Trout. In late fall the Trout come out to eat, and it is amazing. Anglers willing to spend time catching Rainbow Trout are often rewarded by an encounter with the largest one they have ever seen. While on the Kenai fishing for Rainbow Trout in the late fall, you will spend time actively casting and using techniques that allow you to use your skills.


Wildlife Spotting. This is the time of year to spot wildlife! Mostly because of the time of the season but also because of the lack of crowds. You are likely to spot wildlife on the riverside and side of the road. There is nothing more Alaskan than catching a fish and turning around to see a moose on the shore or a bald eagle in the sky. Seeing wildlife happens more often than you think in the fall.


The Diversity. One thing about the Kenai River is that there are a ton of fish and Kenai Alaska fishing charters. When you travel to Alaska, you will have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish and if you visit in the beginning of September we can still get in a halibut trip! At Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges, you will fish for Kenai River King Salmon, Kasilof River King Salmon, Trophy Rainbow Trout, Silver Salmon, and so much more! We offer guided charters to make sure you have the opportunity to experience the variety of the Kenai River. Whether you are looking for location, species, or fishing techniques the diversity is unmatched at Jimmie Jack’s. Call us, 1-866-553-4744, and reserve your opportunity to make memories this fall!

Alaska Fishing Trips

Things To Do On Your Alaska Fishing Trips

Try Different Fish

Make sure you do not get caught up on one type of fish on your Alaska fishing trips. We recommend while you are in Alaska try to catch them all! Our Seward Combo Fishing Trip is a multi-species trip that is popular among locals and is considered the best Seward fishing charter in Alaska. You will catch Salmon, rockfish, and lingcod all in one day. The charter departs out of Seward, 2 hours from Kenai. It is a full day trip, so come prepared with your supplies and a great attitude. Our charters are fully outfitted and guided, so all you have to worry about is catching the perfect fish.

Take The Time To Learn

With our charters fully guided this is the time to learn new tips and tricks. Our type of fishing is different from lake fishing so do not be stuck in your old ways and be open to suggestions. Our guides are the best, and their goal is to help you catch some fish. They will be with you the whole time to help and assist when needed.

Do Not Miss The Views

When out fishing you can get caught up in making sure you are hooking fish and doing it right. Remember that you are in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Take time to look around and take in your surroundings. Once you learn new tips and tricks you will have the time to sit back and wait, so use that time to look around.

Capture The Fish

You might have caught the fish but make sure you capture it with a camera. Document your trip with pictures. You will be catching huge fish, and there is nothing better than comparing their size to you. It is an excellent way to show off to the friends that didn’t go on the fishing trip.

Alaska fishing trips are the best around, and at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges we offer the best there is. With fully guided and outfitted charters and a new private lower Kenai River boat launch our location is a fishing paradise. Take a look at our charters and make sure you are ready to catch multiple species of fish, willing to learn, soak up the sites, and capture your lifelong memories.

Tips For Your Alaska Fishing Trips

Summer is here, which means it is time for your favorite activity, fishing! There is nothing better than Alaska fishing trips with endless fishing opportunities and healthy multi-species fish. Sockeye Salmon, Kenai River King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Halibut, Rockfish, and Lingcod can be caught while in the open waters of the Kenai River. At Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges, we provide 12 vessels and the best captains to make sure we have the charter for you. Pack your bag and head to Kenai, Alaska!


It is important to bring plenty of layers if you are planning to go out on the open water. In the morning it will be cool, and you will need extra layers from the start. As the day continues, you are not going to have much shade so you may need to shed some layers as you go. Rain gear is a good layer to keep on hand because you never know how the weather is going to change throughout the day when you are close to the Ocean. Waterproof shoes are preferred, but sneakers can be worn too. Closed toed shoes are recommended for your safety and convenience when fishing. Hats are another good thing to keep on hand to protect you from overheating and will provide you shade.

Extra Gear

The water’s reflective glare and lack of shade can provide a very uncomfortable experience if you are not protected from the sun. Bring sunscreen and lip balm on your fishing trip to keep you safe from the long fishing days of being out on the boat. Sunglasses are also a necessity.  They will cut through the glare on the water to give you a better view of your perfect fish. Bring some remedies to help if you get motion sickness. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated and a camera to capture your catches to remember all the memories you will be making. Last but not least, bring a backpack. All your extra gear can be put in the bag to keep everything together, and your hands-free.

All of Jimmie Jack’s trips are guided and outfitted. You will be using top quality fishing gear from G Loomis fishing rods, so you do not have to worry about packing your lures or fishing rods. If you are on one of our Lodge packages which include a 50-pound box of processed fish following your charter, drop off your fillets, and it will be ready for you in a box at the end of your stay. You will need an Alaska Fishing License for your trip. It can either be purchased before your trip or at a local supermarket and tackle stores. If you are fishing for King Salmon, you will need a King Salmon Stamp in addition to your fishing license. At Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges we want to make sure that you have everything you need for your Alaska fishing trips. That is why we provide all the fishing equipment, so all you need to do is pack a bag and get ready for your next adventure!

Plan Your Alaska Fishing Trips

Imagine the sun shining down over the beautiful river as you sit back and relax on the boat waiting for the perfect fish. Alaska Fishing Trips are not one to joke about. It is some of the best fishing in the world. With magnificent fish unlike any other, it will appeal to even the non-fisherman. This summer it is time for you to explore the world and there is no better place to start then amazing Alaska. The gorgeous views and the wildlife are enough to boast about, but fishing on the Kenai River will have all your friends jealous. So at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges, we are here to help you plan your next fishing trip.


With some of the best fish around we want to make sure you get your worth out of your fishing adventure. Our charters are a day event for you to get out and catch the perfect fish. Whether you are in the mood to catch halibut, rockfish, lingcod, Kenai River king salmon, sockeye salmon, silver salmon, or rainbow trout we have 12 vessels and the best captains to make sure we have the charter for you. At Jimmie Jack’s we want to ensure that your trip is easy and recognize that many people are coming from far away and that is why we provide everything for your fishing charter. The only things you should bring are raingear because being close to the ocean the weather can change quick, waterproof shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, and, of course, your camera. You will be having so much fun, and you will want to make sure once you catch that massive fish your camera is ready so you can show off to everyone at home. If you want to show off the fish at home and not on a camera, you can bring your fish home! Our Lodge packages include filleting your fish, so it is ready to go. If you are on one of our Lodge packages which includes a 50-pound box of processed fish, following your charter, you will drop off your fillets, and it will be ready for you in a 50-pound box at the end of your stay. To get it home you can either take the fish box on your flight as checked baggage or have your fish box shipped to you by FedEx.


Our Alaska Seascape Lodge is one of the few all-inclusive lodges on the Bluff of Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska that captures the beauty of Alaska. Just outside the lodge, waves crash on the beach inviting you to relax with a glass of wine and a book on the patios. The best part is you do not have to worry about missing the views because with 20 plus hours of sunlight you will see everything! We offer packages for your stay that will make your vacation unique. The luxury vacation packages include all of your meals by our amazing chefs. From breakfast, a packed lunch for your fishing adventure, and an array of afternoon appetizers and complimentary wine you will enjoy fine dining like you never have before. The lodge offers eight luxurious rooms, three of which are suites. You will enjoy modern furnishings, private baths, and big closets. You will sleep on premium beds and linens with daily housekeeping to make your stay enjoyable and easy going.

This summer enjoy your Alaska Fishing Trips and get out and start exploring the amazing world! With the perfect location, modern amenities, and the best fishing charters there is no reason not to stay at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges. Now is the time to take that much-needed vacation. Call us at 1-866-553-4744 or email to book your stay today!

Silver Salmon Kenai River, Alaska Fishing Trips

Check Alaska Off Your Bucket List

If visiting Alaska is not on your bucket list it should be! The majestic and unbelievable scenery is enough alone to be amazed, but then you factor in all of the beautiful wildlife. Alaska is beyond your dreams but within your reach. The last frontier is where you need to be. Explore the national parks, find unique fish on Alaska fishing trips, and view the ocean from the most gorgeous place on earth. Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges is the perfect location to experience true Alaska.


Eye Opening Experience

In Alaska, you will want to keep your eyes open. Mountains, whales, birds, and so much more will draw your attention. A great place to view some of the natural beauty is Kenai Fjords, National Park. 669,984 acres expand into icefields and glaciers such as Exit Glacier. Participate in tours to see black bears, mountain goats, humpback and orca whales. This national park is a must see for the best views and wildlife. Another place to see the last frontier is the Kenai River Viewing Platform. A chance for you to see volcanoes, beluga whales, harbor seals, and a ton of birdlife. However, some of the most unique and different wildlife that you might view in Kenai, Alaska you will have to catch. Alaska fishing trips are some of the most exciting adventures you can experience. You can catch some of the biggest fish in the Kenai River. Jimmie Jack’s Alaska fishing have seen and caught some of these amazing creatures. The king salmon can weigh between 40 and 85 pounds and is one of Kenai’s most famous catches. Jimmie Jack’s is the perfect place to take in the views while fishing for these amazing fish. We offer all types of fishing charters for every type of person to try their hand at hooking a Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Rockfish, Halibut, King Salmon, and Lingcod during their vacation.

Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges is the perfect location for Alaska fishing trips and exploring Alaska. Our five-star property offers beachfront accommodations with great views and even better meals. After a long day of sightseeing and fishing, grab a seat and enjoy the world around you that our Lodges provide. At Jimmie Jack’s we want to help you check off visiting the most beautiful state off your bucket list! Take a look at our lodges and start planning your trip of a lifetime!

Silver Salmon Kenai River, Alaska Fishing Trips

Warmer Weather Means Fishing

Summer is right around the corner and that means it is time to go fishing! At Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges we offer fishing trips so you can find the perfect catch. Alaska Fishing Trips are unlike any other. With gorgeous views and excellent fishing, your fishing trip will be one to remember.

Get To Know Kenai

The Kenai River is the most popular sports fishing destination in Alaska, particularly for King or Chinook salmon. Each year there are two runs each of king salmon, silver salmon, red salmon, plus a run of pink salmon every other year. The world record king salmon, which weighed 97lbs. 4 ounces, was caught in the Kenai River. The Kenai is known for its large fish. A typical king in the second run, beginning in mid-July, weighs 40–85 pounds. The “Lower Kenai” is well known for its run and sizes of its king salmon.

The silver salmon runs occur from early August through September. The September run is favored by local anglers due to the larger size of the silver salmon. The red salmon runs are in late-June and early-August. Reds are considered the premier salmon for eating, canning, and smoking. Another popular game-fish species with deep-sea fishermen May through September is Halibut. Halibut are predatory feeders that eat almost everything that swims in the sea. Their snow-white flesh makes excellent table-fare.

Fishing Trips

All of Jimmie Jack’s fishing trips are fully guided and outfitted. Our guide’s coach both experienced fishers and neophytes alike. All of our fishing trips are from boats. Occasionally we will fish for red salmon, and waders will be provided. In June we will fish for a variety of species under the midnight sun. Fish on a more secluded river, have a fly-in trip, and fish for salmon. We will fish on a drift boat-only river for 20-25 pound king salmon, and be able to continue fishing all day even after catching our limit. In July we will have the opportunity to catch one of the largest king salmon in the world, however, we may have to put some time in on the river.

In May and early June, we can intercept the first run of kings in the salt water of Cook Inlet as they migrate toward their home rivers. This type of trip, known locally as a combo trip, is done by trolling about 2 to 3 hours in conjunction with a halibut trip. The Cook Inlet has the second largest tides in the world so we schedule our fishing around the tide, making some trips longer than others. Halibut average between 20-40 pounds with many over the 100 pound mark being caught weekly. In August we can catch a lot of fish every day, and have lots of action. You will catch multiple species of Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Rockfish, Halibut, King Salmon, and Lingcod during the vacation.

Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing is one of the top premier Alaska Fishing Trips. We are devoted to making sure that you enjoy not only your fishing trips but your stay as well. Our Beachfront accommodations not only have a great view but amazing meals and a five-star property. You will be lured into how amazing your next fishing trip can be at our Lodges. There is no time to mull it over, plan your summer fishing trip today!

Silver Salmon Kenai River, Alaska Fishing Trips

Kenai Alaska!

Kenai Alaska is located on the Kenai Peninsula where the world famous Kenai River meets Cook Inlet. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and wildlife, this charming town has a rich history of Native and Russian settlement and culture. The Kenai River is known for its world-class King Salmon fishing. Kenai industries include oil, natural gas, Alaska Fishing Trips, and tourism. Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge is the perfect place to experience Kenai. With amazing views, great service, and gourmet meals we are sure to exceed your expectations.

The Amazing Town

Kenai is the heart of Alaskan adventure, providing something for everyone. Kenai is accessible from Anchorage via a 30-minute flight. Or take a leisurely and beautiful 3-hour drive, approximately 150 miles to the south. Fly into our Kenai airport, the floatplane basin, or boat into the public dock. The Town is equipped for both visitors and convention business. The goal of Kenai is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens. Through parks, facilities, programs and community services they have accomplished this goal. There are a variety of outdoor facilities and programs to meet your recreational needs, from golf, cross-country skiing, gardening, biking, hiking, and more. Kenai has it all.

Jimmie Jack’s

At Jimmie Jack’s we want to make sure that you experience all that Kenai has to offer. Our SeaScape Lodge captures the true beauty of Alaska’s coastline situated on a bluff overlooking the pristine waters of Cook Inlet; this location offers you an awe-inspiring experience. Outside the lodge, the waves crash on the beach as you relax. The lodge decks are a favorite place to relax, read a book or enjoy your favorite beverage after a great day of fishing. Experience the view of the mighty Alaska Range. With 20 plus hours of the day with sunlight for your viewing pleasure.

At Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge we take care of the details from the moment you arrive. Wake up to fresh coffee, and a hearty breakfast and sit back as your lunch is ready as you head out to meet your fishing boat. Kenai is a beautiful part of Alaska with so much to see and do we want to make sure you have a place to relax. Whether you are in it for the fishing or for the views you can’t go wrong visiting Kenai Alaska. So spring ahead and plan your Alaska Fishing Trips today!

The Highlight of Tom’s Trip to the Alaska Seascape Lodge

We can talk all day about how great our fishing trips are. Why not hear about it from one of our recent visitors?

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We are excited to talk to another one of our great visitors today. Tom Asarch visited us with his grandson and they had a great time. There were many highlights to the trip, but we’ll let Tom tell you about those. Here’s what he had to say:

“This was my oldest grandson’s 16th birthday present. We both decided we would like to go fishing in Alaska. The one on one time with him for those five days was terrific. His favorite thing about the lodge was the food. He loved the breakfast and dinners at the lodge. The fishing was exciting and fun, but he looked forward to that and had a great time.

The trip was fantastic. That was probably due to the fact we caught tons of fish. We caught yellow eye, salmon, sea bass, and lingcod. Even though there were six people on the boat, everyone caught a bunch of fish. I think I have pictures of eight or 10 whales that were there too. The scenery was beautiful, and it was a very memorable trip. All the trips were great. My favorite one happened to be Seward.”
The trip was fantastic… we caught tons of fish.
Thanks so much to Tom for joining us at the Alaska Seascape Lodge. It was a pleasure to host you, and we hope you’ll come back to see us soon. If you have any questions for us or would like to book your own fishing trip, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tips and Tricks for Catching Kenai River Sockeye Salmon

Catching sockeye salmon isn’t hard. There’s a very simple trick to it that I want to show you.

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On the Kenai River, we have a large run of sockeye salmon that come through toward the end of June and the end of July, and everybody’s always asking me, “How do I catch them?”

It’s actually quite simple.

Sockeye salmon usually run very close to the riverbank—as close as three to four feet if the water is fast. If I’m standing on that bank, I keep an extra supply of hooks in my pocket instead of carrying them around in a tackle box or a fanny pack, because the trick to catching sockeye salmon is changing hooks often.

After casting out your line, your hook will be hitting rocks and ripping through the water quite a bit, which means it can get dull within 10 to 15 minutes. Changing hooks is a tactic I always tell my guides to help their guests with so when they do hook a sockeye salmon, there’s no chance of escape. In case you’re wondering, I use a 4/0 Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus hook.
Fishing is like anything else—you want to play like everyone else is playing.

One of the questions I always hear is, “What size weight should I use?” That ultimately depends on the current. I like to use the lightest weight possible. Typically, a good weight is a large split shot weight. This allows the hook to gently tick across the bottom of the current and prevents it from sticking. You only want to feel the hook stick on a fish. When you use too heavy of a weight, you’ll feel it stick more often to the bottom and mistake it for a fish.

Another question I get asked pretty often is, “What size line should I use?” The sockeye salmon here in the Kenai River are usually only six to eight lbs, but they can really pull when they’re channeling inside an eight-knot current. This is why I usually advise a 20 to 25 lb test.

Many times, you’ll hook these fish in the back while they’re running downstream through the current, so a higher-pound test can prevent them from stringing your line out. You don’t want to fight a fish with 100 yards of line out while jumping over rocks and dodging trees every time you hook one. There are other fishermen out there, and it’s common courtesy to not interfere with their area.

If you have any more questions about how to fish on the Kenai River, feel free to give us a call or visit us online. We’d be happy to help!

How John Collis Got His Groove Back

At the Alaska Seascape Lodge, we combine luxury and adventure like no other resort. Today we brought in one of our past clients, John Collis, to tell you all about it.

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Interviewer: What was the emotional highlight of your trip to the Alaska Seascape Lodge, or Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Lodge?

John Collis: It was just a beautiful experience. I was blessed from the word ‘go.’ That was my bucket list, and my wife helped me do it. We got there at the fisherman’s lodge, and they thought it was two men, and they put us in a room with nice accommodations and everything. Then Jimmie Jack found out we were a couple, and he moved us up to the Seascape Lodge, which was gorgeous.

When they say five stars, you could probably say six. You could look out our window and see the three volcanoes, the bay, I mean, it was unbelievable. The accommodations were really good; the people there—the guides, the cooks, the people that came in to clean up—they were top notch. Everybody makes you feel like you’re at home. We just had a blessed time.

We went up there, and, just like when we were on the boat with Captain Charlie and Cooper, first mate. I looked up at him, and I say, ‘Have you ever had to open that back gate before to get a fish in?’ He looked at me like I’d lost my mind and he said, ‘Nope, just throw them over the side.’ I said ‘OK’ and it wasn’t more than two or three minutes later when the rod started bouncing. I grabbed it and went to reeling. I was losing more than I was gaining. Charlie and Cooper, they were just going crazy. I couldn’t fathom why, and all of a sudden there he is after a long fight. And I look down over the side and there was a queen-size mattress coming out of the water. They had to open the back gate, and they brought it in the boat. It was just a blessing. You know, when you’re blessed, you have to bless others. My wife said to me, ‘We’ve got 140 pounds of fillets. What are we going to do with it?’ I thought about that that night, and the next morning I said, ‘You know, we’re going to give it to a Christian food bank and go from there.’ I think that was the most blessed I ever was.

The rivers were beautiful; the Halibut fishing was great. The fly-in over to that remote river, you can see the bears. You can catch all those fish over there. You can see the glaciers. Gosh, I’d say all of it. If you’re going to go, do all of it. I would highly recommend anybody that has the opportunity to go up there, or who has a bucket list to accomplish something in their life, to go do it. The fishing was absolutely first-class. We had so much fun with the guides, the scenery was beautiful, and the fish were plentiful. As a matter of fact, when I asked my wife ‘Where do you want to go this year?’, she said, ‘Let’s go back to Alaska.’ I hope to see everybody that was there last year and maybe meet new people, too.