The Alaska SeaScape Lodge is the most centrally located lodge to the best fishing on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula; including Seward, Homer, Kenai, Soldotna, and Ninilichik. Our guests catch lots of fish. As part of guest services, our professional seafood-processing crew cleans, trims, vacuum-packs, and flash-freezes each guest’s catch according to individual preference. Please note the approximate percentage yields of trimmed fish (relative to caught fish weight) after processing:

  • Salmon, 45 percent
  • Halibut, 45 percent
  • Lingcod, 20 percent
  • Rockfish, 17 percent

Once processed, fish is packed in custom insulated fish boxes designed for travel as luggage on return flights, and as freight with FedEx. Our captains and guides will fillet your fish, and you will drop your fillets off following your charters and they will be ready for you in a 50 pound box upon your departure at the end of your stay. Note that fish boxes should be unpacked and your catch stored in a freezer immediately upon your arrival home. Generally, fish may be kept frozen for approximately four to six months.
As for how to prepare delicious Alaska seafood dishes, the Club’s chef de cuisine welcomes guest questions and is happy to share tips and techniques.

Welcome to the Alaska SeaScape Lodge.

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