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Kenai River Fishing Guides

Your staff here at Jimmie Jack’s Lodge has an overwhelming commitment to excellence. The success of your trip is our focus. Our commitment to you starts with your inquiry. We give you what you desire. Experience easy online booking, attention to detail in your lodging, meals, and professionally guided fishing trips. You will fish in the cleanest boats, and some say the best looking boats, on the Kenai River. Most importantly, Jimmie Jack’s guides fish to produce fish. An Alaska fishing vacation at Jimmie Jack’s Lodge will leave you smiling!

Jimmie Jack Drath

Jimmie Jack grew up on the Kenai river. He began running the river on his own when he was just 13 in 1982. “I just love being a river guide. The Kenai River is a special fishery. It is amazing how many fish are in this river!” Jimmie Jack was a world class pole vaulter and competed at the 1996 U.S. Olympic Trials. Lately, Currently, his passions are fishing and Christian missions in Brazil and Mozambique. “I am so blessed. God has allowed me to live life to the full. I get to fish the awesome Kenai River in the summer, and then I get to bless others who are less fortunate in the winter. Praise the Lord!” Jimmie Jack has been featured on Larry Csonka’s North to Alaska, Globo TV in Brazil, IGFA Featured Captains, Travel Channel, Last Frontier Magazine, and many TV and Radio fishing reports in Alaska. Jimmie Jack has also served on the board of directors of the Kenai River Professional Guide Association. Read “The Jimmie Jack Story” here.
Phone: (907)-262-5561
Email: [email protected]

“Big Jim” Drath

Big Jim is Jimmie Jack’s dad. Big Jim has been fishing the Kenai River since 1982. When he retired from his career in security on the Alaska Pipeline, he found out that his son, Jimmie Jack had painted his boat red. Jimmie wanted his dad to join him as a fishing guide on the Kenai River, and they have been having a blast ever since. Big Jim knows the Kenai River well, and how to pull out the big kings. As he puts it, “This is where I live, this is my house.” Jimmie Jack says that his dad has the HOT plugs. “Shoot, he has more awesome plugs than any of us other guides combined. We try and take them, but he sleeps with them under his pillow.”

Captain Tom Werth

Tom Werth is a lifelong Alaskan, born and raised on the Kenai Peninsula. His love of fishing began with fishing the lakes, rivers, and saltwater of the Kenai with his family. His experience on saltwater charters began as a deckhand during high school, and he quickly rose to the rank of captain at age 18. Throughout college, he guided out of both Ninilchik and Seward. He loves to hunt big halibut and bang on silver salmon. He looks forward to sharing the greatness of Alaska with you.

Johannes Manrique

Johannes comes from a long tradition of fishermen that dates back three generations. He fished along side his father every chance he got on weekends and summers. During these years he developed a strong passion and respect for ocean’s and rivers. By the age of sixteen he spent his summers working as a Deckhand aboard charter boats in Northern California. When he turned eighteen he ran his first commercial halibut boat. He went on to proudly serve our country for six years.

Dave “Catdaddy” Drake

Jimmie Jack met Catdaddy on the mission field in Bolivia. They were building a church, and laying brick side by side. Then Cataddy showed Jimmie Jack how to enter into a street water balloon fight, and they have been good friends ever since. Catdaddy leads missions trips to build churches around the world. Catdaddy has been guiding the Kenai River and surrounding areas for over 8 years, and brings a cheerful, positive atmosphere to the boat. Ask him to show you his special fish call!

Scott Blahnik

Fishing has been a way of life for me for as long as I can remember. After catching my first steelhead and salmon at the age of 10 I was literally hooked. My first experience fishing the Kenai was in 1994. My dad and I hauled a jet boat up the Alcan Hwy. from the lower 48. We camped along the banks of the Kenai and fished for Kings 48 days straight. My first Kenai King that summer was 65 lbs. Needless to say I had to come back. The next summer after graduating from the University of Montana with a teaching degree, I put everything I owned into my truck and hauled two brand new boats up the Alcan to start my guiding career on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. I also started a business in the lower 48 guiding for Kings and Steelhead. I worked hard, paid my dues, and learned from some of the best to become one of the top guides on the Kenai. My teacher training has been very helpful in my guiding career, as a successful guide is also a good teacher. After 20 years as a year around guide on the Kenai, Kasilof and lower 48 rivers I have joined with the team at Jimmie Jack Fishing. I look forward to using my experience to put you into a fish of a life time.

Bobby Cavazos

Hi, I’m Robert Cavazos, Lodge Manager for Jimmie Jack’s and just wanted to share a little about myself with you. A lot like most of our guests I have a great desire for adventure and the outdoors, which has brought me to the last frontier of Alaska. For the last 17 years my passion for cooking has taken me on many adventures from the Appalachians to the islands of Hawaii. Along the way I have obtained an assortment of cooking styles and traditions that I apply to each and every dish.I also have a strong strive in making people smile and feel warm and welcome in the environment that they have come to enjoy and experience. More than my duty, it will be my pleasure to assist our patrons in any and every way I can. So come relax, get away, and make memories of a lifetime here with us at Jimmie Jack’s, where the days really are never long enough.

Jeremy Scoles

Jeremy joined the team with a lot of previous guiding experience. He is well versed in many different techniques and strategies for hooking up salmon. Jeremy comes highly recommended by our guests, and is always there to help out our guests and out team.  You will find Jeremy very courteous and helpful out on the river.

Captain Charlie “Rainman”

Captain Charlie is a veteran saltwater captain in Alaska. He was also trained by one of the leading Captains in Ninilchik, Frank Sanders. He paid his dues as a deckhand for 3 years, and is now at the helm of the “Unforgiven”.  Since 2014, he has been leading the fleet in Ninilchik. In 2016 Charlie lead our guest, John Collis, to catch the largest halibut out of Ninilchik in the last 12 years at a whopping 345 pounds! Captain Charlie is an excellent captain, always putting safety first. He has a reputaion as a big halibut hunter, and his mission is to hunt big halibut out of Ninilchik. He is a joy to fish with, and he runs a back deck with a solid system to catch. Come see why his reviews are high. Fish like a boss aboard the “Unforgiven” with Captain “Rainman!”

Cooper Sutherland

Cooper is Captain Charlie’s right hand man on the back deck of the “Unforgiven” in Ninilchik. Cooper is famous for saying “Giant Pacific Halibut” on film as the 345 monster halibut floated up next to the boat in 2016. Cooper spends his time guiding duck and goose hunts in Oklahoma in the off-season. He has also currently started a side job as an auctioneer. Cooper will bless you with his friendly smile and hard work ethic as you fish for big halibut.

Captain Big Dan

Big Dan for big halibut. I met Captain Dan years ago when he fished with me during a silver salmon derby. I remembered him well. He was a pleasant guy to fish with, and runs a local construction company called “Big Dan’s”. Dan will be captaining exclusively for Jimmie Jack Fishing this year aboard his NEW 34 foot “Black Jack”. I am positive you will enjoy fishing with Captain Dan as much as I do. He loves coming home with BIG halibut, and was the Homer derby leader for most of the season last year with his 251 monster!

Kevin Toliver

Kevin commands the headquarters here in the office at Jimmie Jack’s. He will go out of his way to help you, and will answer your questions when you call. Give him a shout on the phone, email, or fill out the contact form, and he will get back to you soon!
Toll Free: 1 (866) 553-4744
Email: [email protected]

Colleen Shaw

Colleen is the Lodge Manager at the Alaska SeaScape Lodge. Colleen takes care of everyone at the SeaScape from the time you check-in through dinner. She loves being at the SeaScape, as she says, “This view is just gorgeous!” She organizes all of the guest services at the lodge, and does it with excellence. If you need anything, just let Colleen know, and she will take care of you while you are with us.

Jennifer Urogi

Jennifer is an experienced travel planner who takes great pride in making sure each guest is set up with the perfect package to make their Alaskan adventure dreams come true. After vacationing with her family to the last frontier for several years, Jennifer moved to the Kenai Peninsula in 2015.  Having been to Denali, Talkeetna, Ketchikan, Juneau, Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands, she settled here because “there’s nothing in the world like summer on the Kenai”. Jennifer’s most exciting Alaskan experience was working on the production crew of Season 12 of “Deadliest Catch” in Dutch Harbor. Jennifer enjoys kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing and downhill skiing….and fishing of course.

Toll Free: 1 (866) 553-4744
Email: [email protected]

Jimmie Jack’s Boats

Jimmie Jack’s Willie Boats

The Jimmie Jack difference is also found in our boats. Jimmie Jack and his guides are proud of their custom made Willie Boats. Experience the luxury of fishing in the most modern boats on the Kenai River. Jimmie Jack’s exclusively uses “Simply the Best” boats on the water…Willie Boats. Experience the Jimmie Jack difference, and fish in style!

Big Iron

Big Iron is our 33 foot Hatco named by Andy Anderson. Andy was a fighter pilot and flew the plane named “Big Iron”. Andy was the first deckhand aboard the boat under Captain Dave Gillikin, and gave her the powerful name! Andy is still a local deckhand in Ninilchik, and you may spot him proudly wearing his “Big Iron” hoodie around town. Her twin motors get you to the fishing grounds fast at 28 knots with ample seating for six passengers.


Jimmie Jack’s good friend, Captain Frank Sanders, named her, and will not tell us why. Captain Charlie learned the trade from Captain Frank was his deckhand aboard Unforgiven for years before becoming the accomplished captain that he is today. Thanks Frank! If you see Captain Frank around, be sure and ask him the reason for the name. Her twin motors get you to the fishing grounds fast at 30 knots with ample seating for six passengers.

Black Jack

Captain Dan will be running her this year out of Homer. When the weather allows, Captain Dan wants to go far and go BIG! Jimmie Jack met Captain Dan years ago when Dan was chartering a silver salmon trip with Jimmie Jack as the guide. Years later, Tim Berg, hooked the two up, and look out, it is BIG fish time. Captain Dan has lead the Homer Halibut Derby in the past, and his goal is always to win. Black Jack is brand new and extremely fast with a comfortable ride.

Willie Drift Boats

Our Kasilof River guides will take you down the “drift-only” area of the Kasilof River in a 20′ drift boat. These boats will comfortable accommodate 4 persons. They are the largest drift boats made. Our experienced Kasilof River guides will row you down the majestic Kasilof River. The peace and quiet of the “non-motorized” section of the Kasilof river will only be broken by the splash of your King Salmon on the line!

What Our Guests Have To Say

“Professional, friendly and successful captains!”

“I’m glad we chose Jimmie Jack Fishing. The guides and staff made this an unforgettable experience and gave my son and I memories that will last a lifetime.”

“The 3 times we have been at JJF, Jimmie Jack has provided outstanding service, quality fishing, and made us feel more like a friend than a client.”

“I did not expect this year’s trip to be as good as last year’s trip. Last year was great. Boy, was I wrong! It was even better!”

“It was completely hassle free, and we had a fantastic time.”

“We came hungry and left with big fish. Boat was big and extremely comfortable ~ lots of room outside but also a great indoor area with protection from the elements.”

“Spectacular views, great service and gourmet meals all exceeded our expectations!”

“Excellent Lodge with a million-dollar view. If you are going to fish the Kenai stay at Jimmie Jack’s Lodge. Best fishing vacation of my life!”

“The entire experience was great! Well organized fishing trips and fish packaging arrangements. Clean lodge and boats. Excellent staff!”