An avid angler holds a massive halibut caught while fishing in Alaska.As a popular and intriguing angling adventure, fishing for halibut in Alaska comes with many questions. Even those of us who have been fishing since we were kids should want to know more about the world’s largest flatfish. Although Jimmie Jack Fishing will provide everything you need for a successful and memorable Alaska fishing trip, it never hurts to learn more about your target. And with some of the best accommodations and vacation packages on the Kenai Peninsula, you may find yourself itching to get back out there again!

The Best Time to Enjoy Alaska Halibut Season

Most long-time Kenai anglers will tell you the best time to go fishing for halibut in Alaska is from mid-May through September. Since halibuts scour the ocean’s depths in search of food, our trusted guides will ensure that you can get your bait close to the bottom during high slack tide. Most of these trips will last five to six hours, and our charters typically navigate near Homer.

Which Bait and Tackle to Use While Fishing for Halibut

We’ll use high-quality lines and a heavy sinker for optimal presentations, significantly increasing your odds of setting your hook. Fresh herring is the go-to bait for bottom-feeding halibut. We’ll also use circle hooks, which essentially set themselves when fish start to swim away with the bait in their mouth. 

Why Target Halibut During Your Alaska Fishing Vacation?

Part of what makes fishing for halibut in Alaska a worthwhile endeavor is their massive size. When you see your rod bend towards the hull, the exhilaration you’ll feel is only just the beginning! After a thrilling battle to reel your catch up to the boat, be prepared to pull the mighty fish using a sizeable gaffing hook. After all, male halibut can reach up to 100 pounds, while females can exceed 400!

Halibut Fishing Charters and Packages in Homer, Alaska

A stunning view of the Kenai Peninsula coast.For the best Kenai Peninsula fishing trip packages, guides, and accommodations, look no further than Jimmie Jack Fishing. Halibut fishing in Alaska doesn’t get much better with fully guided adventures, all-inclusive lodging, and modern equipment! To start planning the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime, send an email to [email protected] or call 907-262-5561 today.