Guest and guide holding large salmon during an Alaskan fishing trip.Enjoy a remarkable Alaskan fishing trip by planning your getaway with Jimmie Jack Fishing. Our two lodges, the Original Lodge and Seascape Lodge, are perfect for guests who want to enjoy the breathtaking ocean view at Cook Inlet and indulge in fishing from the famous Kenai River, Seward, Homer, and other remote fly-in locations. While our knowledgeable guides are here to help you have a successful trip, there’s some work you need to do before arriving at our Alaska fishing lodge.

What to Consider When Planning Your Trip

With its abundance of fish species, Alaska is known for providing an unforgettable angling experience. You can expect to have the fishing trip of your life while in Alaska if you make appropriate plans.

The Best Time to Fish in Alaska

Alaska’s weather is a serious consideration when planning your trip. The winter may interfere with fishing for a few weeks, so the months that receive an influx of anglers are from May to September. Also, the best time to make your Alaskan fishing trip depends on the type of fish you’re after. Most people travel in June, July, and August because it’s easier to get salmon.

The Different Types of Fish

Before making your journey, you should know the type of fish in this region and where they are most abundant. Some popular fish Alaska is known for include rainbow trout, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, salmon, and many more.

Salmon is the primary fish that brings anglers to Alaska. The five major types of salmon in Alaska are:

  • Sockeye (red)
  • King (Chinook)
  • Pink (humpback)
  • Coho (silver)
  • Chum (dog)

Fishing Licenses and Limits

As a visitor to Alaska’s fishing scene, ensure you get your license early. It may take a couple of weeks to order one, so it’s best to do it early to avoid clashing with your travel date. The fishing license is available to order online only in Alaska. If you book a trip, buy your license here now: Alaska fishing license. Also, take note of the limits on species. For instance, the Kenai River has a rule of one king per day and two in total per season. You may catch and release as many as you would like!

Consider the Weather When Packing

The weather is unpredictable in Alaska. Plan toward this and bring a wide variety of outfits or dress in layers. Pack comfortable clothes for fishing, and don’t forget to include essentials–rain gear, sunscreen, a hat, and polarized glasses.

Get the Most Out of Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

Man on fihing boat holding lingcodWith over 20 years of experience, there’s no better fishing charter for your Alaskan fishing trip than Jimmie Jack Fishing. Enjoy fishing in Alaska’s waters with other anglers before unwinding in our comfortable lodges. Contact us online or call 907-262-5561 to book your trip for this upcoming season.