Although Jimmie Jack Fishing offers a premier angling experience, many of our guests graciously include us as part of a broader agenda. With so many things to do on the Kenai Peninsula, we’re never surprised to learn that we are one of many stops along the way. From trekking through Kenai Fjords National Park to taking a coastal cruise, we’ll be the first to admit there is more to our slice of paradise than fishing. And although chasing salmon, halibut, and other iconic species may be at the forefront of your vacation; we’ll gladly share some other reasons why we think you should visit Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Why the Kenai Peninsula is the Perfect Alaska Vacation Spot

Nearly the size of Belgium, the Kenai Peninsula is an ideal destination for anyone hoping to unleash their wild side. From fishing the many rivers to wildlife viewing and everything in between, this idyllic Alaskan landmass offers something for everyone. In addition to the awe-inspiring wildlife, landscapes, and world-class angling opportunities, the Kenai Peninsula has many unique communities that are undoubtedly worth a visit. To give you a few additional items for your Alaska itinerary, we’d like to share a few reasons to visit our beloved Kenai Peninsula.

Camping on Skilak Lake

Even if you plan on relaxing in the lap of luxury at our Seascape Lodge, you may want to rough it on the Kenai Peninsula at some point. Two of the best nearby locations, Upper and Lower Skilak Lake Campgrounds, reside on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and are very affordable options. The only drawback is that the sites are first-come, first-serve, so plan accordingly! Thankfully there are several other locations besides the Upper and Lower Skilak Lake sites.

woman holding a large salmon

Catch More than a Glimpse of the Northern Lights

Although many people associate the northern lights with winter, you can see them on the Kenai Peninsula by late August. Early sunsets with no light pollution will significantly increase your odds of witnessing this otherworldly natural phenomenon. This mesmerizing display is atop many people’s Alaska bucket lists.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Although Kenai Fjords National Park is far enough away that we don’t consider them our neighbors, this natural asset is worth a visit if you have time. Whether by cruise ship, hiking, or a combination of the two, you’ll be enamored with the idyllic scenery and abundant wildlife offered at KFNP. The exit glaciers are a must-see if you can there.

two women on boat holding large halibutKenai Peninsula’s Best All-Inclusive Luxury Fishing Lodge

Our prime location is part of what makes the “Jimmie Jack Experience” an extraordinary world-class fishing adventure. Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is well-known for its indelible mountains, pristine waterways, and of course, countless angling opportunities. So after you’ve booked your reservation to either the Seascape or Original Lodge, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of other things to do before and after your arrival. Call 907-262-5561 for more information on how Jimmie Jack Fishing can deliver the angling adventure of a lifetime!