fishing chartersThe great state of Alaska is known for many incredible things that you can’t find in any other climate. From the most abundant salmon runs in the world to nights that the sun doesn’t set, Alaska is unique and among some of the most beautiful destinations in North America. When you take a trip to Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge, discover a completely different experience with our fishing charters that you can’t encounter in the lower 48— deep sea fishing for Halibut under the midnight sun.

Overnight Fishing At Its Finest

fishing chartersEveryone knows that Alaska is a hub for fishing. Whether it is for Salmon, Lingcod, or other trophy catches, Alaska fishing is something that anglers from all over the world seek out. However, when it comes to the most incredible experiences you can have on our Jimmie Jack fishing charters, Halibut fishing in June takes the cake. Here at Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge, we have extraordinary overnight fishing trips that will show you a whole new side to Halibut fishing in Alaska. Especially in June as the midnight sun creates a naturally illuminated evening of ocean waves and prime fishing.

An Unforgettably Unique Excursion

Setting out from Homer, Alaska, our Jimmie Jack’s captains and fishing charters will take you and your crew out into the deep blue. Roughly sixty to eighty miles out to where the waters are a bit deeper, and the fish are even bigger! With the plentiful Lingcod, Rockfish, Salmon, and Halibut in these waters, the daily limit on our overnight fishing trips is doubled. You will be out on the water from 11 AM on day one to Noon on day two for 24 full hours of time on the water with great people, amazing fishing, and plenty of food. We will pack the food and take care of the gear, all you have to bring is your favorite beverages, cold weather clothing, and maybe a sleeping bag. Though, if you are on a trip as spectacular as our overnight outing, you won’t want to miss a minute!

fishing chartersExperience The Best Overnight Fishing Trip With Us

Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge has no shortage of memorable Alaska fishing trips. However, when you are planning a trip for June with our fishing charters, take advantage of an unforgettable overnight fishing experience during the season of the midnight sun. It is unlike any fishing trip that you have embarked on before. You might even see whales and other exciting ocean life. Let our Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge crew and captain help you experience the midnight sun and halibut fishing in the best way possible!