If you’re in need of a vacation and love to fish, I’d like to introduce you to the Alaska SeaScape Lodge, located on the Bluff of Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska.

What’s it like to be on a trip at the Alaska SeaScape Lodge? I’d like to give you a quick glimpse.

The Alaska SeaScape Fishing Lodge combines the top-quality fishing trips we’ve been known for the past 20 years with the amenities of a five-star property and all-inclusive meals.

The lodge is centrally located on the Kenai Peninsula among the great fisheries of the area, and our Seward combo trips, as well as our halibut trips, are held in Cook Inlet. Cook Inlet, as you may already know, is known for great halibut fishing and for having one of the largest tides in the world. In fact, we caught the famous 345-pound halibut right here in Cook Inlet with Captain Charlie not long ago. This is the largest fish caught in the last 12 years around the Ninilchik area.

We hold Kenai river trips just to the north of the lodge and the Kasilof river trips to the south. In addition, we also hold fly-in trips in creeks over the other side of the Inlet.

The Alaska SeaScape Lodge is one of the few, upscale, all-inclusive lodges on the Kenai Peninsula.

The Alaska SeaScape Lodge is unique because it’s one of the few all-inclusive lodges here on the Bluff of Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska. We offer all-inclusive packages that include all of your meals in addition to evening appetizers and complimentary wine and drinks after your fishing trip. Our menu includes salmon, halibut, king crab, prime rib, and more.

We have eight rooms in the lodge, three of which are suites. That brings our capacity to between 16 and 20 people at any given time. Summertime is the best season to visit because we’ll be catching fish throughout the months of June, July, and August. This is a great place to sit back and relax after a full day of fishing. To top it all off, we have a beautiful view of the Mount Redoubt Volcano on the bluff of the ocean where the lodge is located.

Let us take you fishing and treat you right at the Alaska SeaScape Lodge! If you have any questions about the Alaska SeaScape Lodge or the “Original Alaska Lodge”, please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email.