Summer is right around the corner and that means it is time to go fishing! At Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges we offer fishing trips so you can find the perfect catch. Alaska Fishing Trips are unlike any other. With gorgeous views and excellent fishing, your fishing trip will be one to remember.

Get To Know Kenai

The Kenai River is the most popular sports fishing destination in Alaska, particularly for King or Chinook salmon. Each year there are two runs each of king salmon, silver salmon, red salmon, plus a run of pink salmon every other year. The world record king salmon, which weighed 97lbs. 4 ounces, was caught in the Kenai River. The Kenai is known for its large fish. A typical king in the second run, beginning in mid-July, weighs 40–85 pounds. The “Lower Kenai” is well known for its run and sizes of its king salmon.

The silver salmon runs occur from early August through September. The September run is favored by local anglers due to the larger size of the silver salmon. The red salmon runs are in late-June and early-August. Reds are considered the premier salmon for eating, canning, and smoking. Another popular game-fish species with deep-sea fishermen May through September is Halibut. Halibut are predatory feeders that eat almost everything that swims in the sea. Their snow-white flesh makes excellent table-fare.

Fishing Trips

All of Jimmie Jack’s fishing trips are fully guided and outfitted. Our guide’s coach both experienced fishers and neophytes alike. All of our fishing trips are from boats. Occasionally we will fish for red salmon, and waders will be provided. In June we will fish for a variety of species under the midnight sun. Fish on a more secluded river, have a fly-in trip, and fish for salmon. We will fish on a drift boat-only river for 20-25 pound king salmon, and be able to continue fishing all day even after catching our limit. In July we will have the opportunity to catch one of the largest king salmon in the world, however, we may have to put some time in on the river.

In May and early June, we can intercept the first run of kings in the salt water of Cook Inlet as they migrate toward their home rivers. This type of trip, known locally as a combo trip, is done by trolling about 2 to 3 hours in conjunction with a halibut trip. The Cook Inlet has the second largest tides in the world so we schedule our fishing around the tide, making some trips longer than others. Halibut average between 20-40 pounds with many over the 100 pound mark being caught weekly. In August we can catch a lot of fish every day, and have lots of action. You will catch multiple species of Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Rockfish, Halibut, King Salmon, and Lingcod during the vacation.

Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing is one of the top premier Alaska Fishing Trips. We are devoted to making sure that you enjoy not only your fishing trips but your stay as well. Our Beachfront accommodations not only have a great view but amazing meals and a five-star property. You will be lured into how amazing your next fishing trip can be at our Lodges. There is no time to mull it over, plan your summer fishing trip today!