Try Different Fish

Make sure you do not get caught up on one type of fish on your Alaska fishing trips. We recommend while you are in Alaska try to catch them all! Our Seward Combo Fishing Trip is a multi-species trip that is popular among locals and is considered the best Seward fishing charter in Alaska. You will catch Salmon, rockfish, and lingcod all in one day. The charter departs out of Seward, 2 hours from Kenai. It is a full day trip, so come prepared with your supplies and a great attitude. Our charters are fully outfitted and guided, so all you have to worry about is catching the perfect fish.

Take The Time To Learn

With our charters fully guided this is the time to learn new tips and tricks. Our type of fishing is different from lake fishing so do not be stuck in your old ways and be open to suggestions. Our guides are the best, and their goal is to help you catch some fish. They will be with you the whole time to help and assist when needed.

Do Not Miss The Views

When out fishing you can get caught up in making sure you are hooking fish and doing it right. Remember that you are in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Take time to look around and take in your surroundings. Once you learn new tips and tricks you will have the time to sit back and wait, so use that time to look around.

Capture The FishAlaska Fishing Trips

You might have caught the fish but make sure you capture it with a camera. Document your trip with pictures. You will be catching huge fish, and there is nothing better than comparing their size to you. It is an excellent way to show off to the friends that didn’t go on the fishing trip.

Alaska fishing trips are the best around, and at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges we offer the best there is. With fully guided and outfitted charters and a new private lower Kenai River boat launch our location is a fishing paradise. Take a look at our charters and make sure you are ready to catch multiple species of fish, willing to learn, soak up the sites, and capture your lifelong memories.