With 20 hours of daylight and comfortable nighttime temperatures, it’s no wonder that the most popular times for fishing in Alaska happen in the summer months. Having said that, September fishing in Alaska is perhaps the best for a few reasons. For one, the busy season for tourism is beginning to wane; secondly, the days are still reasonably long; third, it’s possible to witness the iconic and mesmerizing northern lights— aka Aurora Borealis; and most importantly, salmon and halibut are still in peak seasons. We want to showcase for you some of the best species to target in September and where to find them while visiting your favorite Kenai River fishing guide, Jimmie Jack

The Kenai River

Possibly one of the most prominent rivers for Alaskan sport fishing, the Kenai River is home to a multitude of trout and salmon species, among other game fish. This beautiful waterway is a glacial remnant and therefore offers a picturesque view of turquoise waters as it meanders through the mountains. Only a few steps from the river, Jimmie Jack’s sits comfortably on the banks of the Kenai and is a perfect starting point for September fishing in Alaska.

Kenai River Silver Salmon

Silver salmon—or coho—is a native Pacific species and is arguably the most prominent and sought after game fish of the Pacific Northwest, if not the world. Despite averaging about nine pounds, silver salmon put up one heck of a fight, and the Kenai River is rife with them in September. Our fishing guides will utilize powerboats to navigate the river and will focus mostly on fish arriving from the ocean.

Kenai River Rainbow Trout

Thanks to the management practices of the Alaskan Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Kenai River offers a vibrant, flourishing trout population that holds several trophy rainbow trout. It’s crucial to bring a camera as these iconic salmonids are protected and are catch-and-release only. Dolly Varden trout are another prominent species, and depending on where they were caught, anglers are allowed to take one to two. Our fishing guides will use a variety of methods for targeting trout, with drift boats, power boats, and from shore with fly or spinning rods. No treble hooks are allowed, and only artificial lures are permitted. Fly fishing tends to be the most successful practice. 

Halibut Fishing in Homer, Alaska

A man holding a massive king salmon on the banks of the Kenai River.

Halibut and Homer are almost synonymous within ocean fishing circles and for a good reason. Known as the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World,” anglers from abroad come here in September for some of the best halibut fishing of the year. These massive fish are a unique, all-white species that almost looks albino. In Homer, we take you out to the big fish on our Halibut Trip. Here you also have the opportunity for rockfish, lingcod, and salmon in the Gulf of Alaska. Enjoy a fishing trip out of beautiful Homer, Alaska! We also offer fly-in trips across the Cook Inlet for bear viewing excursions.

Experience September Fishing in Alaska at Jimmie Jack’s

For a world-class fishing adventure on the Kenai River this September, look no further than Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge. As we mentioned, we are ideally located right on the Kenai River and offer seamless access to some of the best trout, salmon, and halibut fishing in Alaska. With beautiful fall colors and a chance to see the Aurora Borealis, September fishing in Alaska is something all hardcore anglers should experience.  

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