seascapeWhen you are in search of phenomenal Alaska fishing charters with fantastic accommodations and meals that will blow you away, look no further than Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge. Discover the Seascape Lodge and all of the incredible Alaska fishing in the waters surrounding our property. Every guest will find themselves reeling in silver salmon, halibut, and all sorts of other trophy catches for a world-class Alaska fishing experience that they will never forget!

seascapeAlaska Fishing Just Got Better

Many other Alaska fishing lodges boast the rugged side of fishing in Alaska with simple lodging and basic meal plans. However, Jimmie Jack’s Seascape Lodge goes above and beyond your average fishing lodge. With seven rooms that are adorned with cozy furnishings, modern decor, and offer spectacular views of the surrounding Alaskan wilderness through large windows. Along with comfortable accommodations, you will have access to a beautiful dining area that also provides exquisite views from atop the bluff out over the waters of Cook Inlet. Sip your morning coffee on the deck before heading out on your fishing adventures, and end every night sharing your fishing tales under the starry night sky.

seascapeThe Best Seascape Highlights

One of the best and most unique aspects of our Seascape Lodge is the food! Our Seascape Chef is always cooking up something fresh for each meal throughout the day. From a hearty breakfast to fuel you up for the day to grand dinners that will leave your taste buds singing, each meal that is served will be far from ordinary. Breakfast is full of our favorite classic hot morning starters like eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and much more to kickstart your days. Lunch is typically served on the boats as we don’t want to take time away from reeling in monster catches, so we pack a few delicious choices to enjoy on the water. For dinner, you can experience an array of culinary creations prepared fresh for you. Indulge in dishes such as prime rib, Alaskan king crab, fresh fish from the many catches made by our very own Jimmie Jack’s crew, and several other freshly-cultivated plates with locally purchased ingredients. Pair each entree with an equally tasty beverage, and be sure to save room for some mouthwatering dessert!

Your Alaska Fishing Trip To Seascape

When you stay with Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge and choose our Seascape Lodge, you can expect an unmatched experience. Alaska fishing doesn’t get much better than this! Book your stay and experience the best of Alaska fishing trips with Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge.