Salmon Run AlaskaEach year, anglers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts come to Alaska from far and wide for the chance to experience the annual salmon run. Here at Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge, we are gearing up as our favorite fish are beginning to make their way into the fresh waters of the Kenai and Kasilof rivers once more. Join us for a Salmon Run Alaska fishing adventure that you will never forget and take your chance to reel in highly sought after King Salmon, or otherwise known as Chinook!

The Run

Salmon Run AlaskaEvery year, salmon spawn in the thriving fresh waters in inland Alaska, and after their first or second year of life, they begin the journey to the open salty waters of the ocean. When you embark on a saltwater fishing trip with Jimmie Jack’s, you will often pull salmon that are between two and six years old with a variety of sizes. After roughly four years of roaming the seas, salmon migrate back to the fresh waters through an upstream battle known as the Alaskan Salmon Run. Salmon runs will occur throughout different times of the year based on the species of salmon and their spawn location. When salmon journey against the rushing currents, they often grow quite the appetite and give anglers a good challenge for a fun and exciting fishing experience.

The Kasilof River and Kenai River Salmon Runs

Salmon Run AlaskaThrough most of the early part of the summer on the Kasilof River, the waters are far too shallow for motor boats to make their way through. So, this creates the perfect conditions for a successful fishing excursion. The early run of King Salmon makes their way to the waters during the first two weeks of May through most of June. The second run is often far more bountiful and is regularly referred to as the King fishing madness month, and this run lasts through July while other species of salmon join in the race. The Kenai River is where many anglers set out for during the second run as the number and sizes of Chinook making their way through the waters is something you can’t find anywhere else.

Embark on a Salmon Run Fishing Excursion

Here at Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge, we can’t help but get excited at the first signs of salmon heading in to spawn. We know that an incredible season of tackling monster salmon and hosting excited guests for the annual salmon run is getting closer and closer every day. So, this year, join us for the world-class fishing opportunity of a lifetime during the salmon run Alaska fishing trip you have been dreaming of with our crew on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers! This is an experience that you will never forget.