best time to fish in alaskaAs the temperatures begin to climb again and all of the snow dissipates, we are prepping our gear in preparation for our favorite season. Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge is always looking forward to the start of a new and exciting season of fishing, and mid-May is when the best time of the time of year comes into full swing. While our Jimmie Jack’s staff and guides are eager to welcome visitors once more, we are finishing up our spring cleaning and tuning up our boats for the best time to fish in Alaska.

Jumping For Joy As The Calendar Turns

When late spring and early summer grow nearer, we get a bit restless as winter has been around for far too long. May 16th is the mark of when our fishing season finally comes into full swing, and those monster salmon and trophy catches we have been waiting for start to bite at our lines.  King Salmon begin making their way into our waters, and our lines start to cast out for incredible days on the time to fish in alaska

Bait, Cast, And Reel Em’ In

Our fishing charters will soon ready to take you out for an unforgettable Jimmie Jack’s fishing adventure. Every seasoned guide is prepping and getting back into the groove to make sure that all equipment is in tip-top shape and ready to hit the water. We know that all of our guests travel from far away places to experience the wonders of our Alaskan home. Therefore, we want to do everything possible to make your visit everything that you have dreamed it would be.

Reeling In A New Season

If you are anything like all of us here at Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge, and cannot wait to head out and start wrangling in those trophy catches, then give us a call at 1-866-553-4744 or visit our website. We want to help you take hold of the opportunities that a new fishing season brings and experience the best time to fish in Alaska. Jimmie Jack’s lodges are prepared to accommodate you, and our skilled and friendly staff is eagerly waiting to get you out to our incredible fishing spots. So grab your bags and come visit us at Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge for yet another unforgettable season of great Alaskan fishing!