When it comes to Alaskan fishing adventures, it is no secret as to why we love where we are located and why we can’t get enough of casting out for salmon. Here at Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge, we look forward to tangoing with monsters of the deep and the rush of pulling in that prized fish we have been dreaming of out of the water. One fish, in particular, is widely known for its athleticism and being a hot find in the late salmon season — the silver salmon.

Finding The Perfect Spot

We consider ourselves very lucky to have such an unbeatable location at Jimmie Jack’s. We have access to some of the best fishing waters for inland freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. Silver salmon are a prized fish that head inland later than sockeyes and chum and can be found in just about any water, so they are perfect for a late Kenai River fishing trip. Though they can be found in most waters, the best place to try and hook a silver salmon is in some of the shallow frog waters where the flow is mild to stagnant. They love to hang out here in plentiful groups to take a break from swimming with all their might against the current. Here is where you will find schools of hungry salmon that will undoubtedly bite at your flies and give you a fantastic day out in the water.

Picking Out Your Fly

Salmon flies are something that everyone holds a bit of a personal preference on as a subject. One thing that you want to keep in mind when picking out your fly, take a look at how the weather is. If it is bright and sunny, you want to pick a darker fly to contrast against the bright sky. If it is cloudy and a bit darker out, a bright fly is going to stand out more. If a silver salmon sees your fly, they will go for it — and these fish are aggressive to the fly. Your silver salmon fishing techniques will change depending on the kind of water you are casting into. Another variable will be the fly rod weight for salmon that you are going for as it will depend on the depth and speed of the water. Our professional Jimmie Jack’s salmon fishing guides will help you pick out the right fly and give you pointers on the best silver salmon fishing techniques to use for the waters you are wading in.

Two women holding salmonWhy The Silver Salmon Is An Alaskan Favorite

The silver salmon is one of the most popular salmon that anglers look for due to their availability, aggressiveness to the fly, and their weight. Anglers of all levels of experience can reel in their limit of silvers, making it easy for first-time fishers and families to try their hand at Kenai River fishing. You can catch and release all you want and take a few home with you to cook up using just about any coho salmon recipe. We invite you to come and visit our Alaskan fishing lodges for an incredible silver salmon fishing adventure at Jimmie Jack’s. Come and experience premier Alaskan salmon fishing with us!