Kenai Alaska fishingThis holiday season instead of getting your family more toys and electronics, treat them to a family vacation next summer. It is an excellent gift to bring your family together and put down the distractions and spend some quality time together. Jimmie Jack’s offers a dream location filled with gorgeous views and perfect amenities to host the whole family. Spend next summer bonding and trying something new like Kenai Alaska fishing. It truly will be the ideal present for everyone.

The Perfect Gift

At Jimmie Jack’s you are surrounded by the beauty of Alaska’s coastline. Jimmie Jack’s is situated on a bluffKenai Alaska fishing overlooking the pristine waters of Cook Inlet. The location offers you the space where you can turn the notifications off and take a moment to relax. During your trip, explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors. At Jimmie Jack’s we embrace the outdoors. Encompassed by the Alaska Wilderness, you will be spending most of your time outside catching fish and exploring nearby trails.

All of Jimmie Jack’s fishing charters are fully guided and outfitted. Meaning there is no need to get anything extra for your trip. You and your family can just show up and enjoy your Christmas gift. Our guides will help you and your family become pro fishermen. You will be taught new tips and tricks to catch the perfect fish. You will have the opportunity to Alaska fishing tripscatch trophy salmon and barn-door halibut. It is a great sport for teamwork when reeling in the fish and some friendly competition to see who can catch the largest fish.

Reconnect with your family and the great outdoors next summer. Jimmie Jack’s Alaska SeaScape Lodge offers something new for the entire family. Explore a new area and the unmatched hospitality by the Jimmie Jack’s staff. You do not have to worry about cooking meals or cleaning because we take care of those details, so all you have to do is spend time with your family and enjoy the Alaska scenery. This year put down the phones and the video games and gift your loved ones with Kenai Alaska Fishing.