Fewer People

The fall season brings cooler weather, which means the crowds start to go away. In the summer the river is filled with people trying to catch a world record Salmon combined with the run of the Sockeye Salmon. This attracts travelers from all over for Kenai Alaska fishing, but in fall it is a serene environment. The river is calm, the people are gone, and the views are fantastic.

The Views.

Fall in Alaska has two different faces. The first half offers a last glimpse of summer with relatively warm temperatures and longer days. Then, the last half the days get colder and the days shorter. This shift causes the foliage to turn a shimmering gold. Take a hike and be submerged in a thick carpet of vibrant leaves. Once the trees start to drop their leaves, you will see more dramatic scenery through them. The snow-capped mountains, wildlife, and the shimmering waters.

Silver Salmon Fishing

As the leaves change colors and the bears begin to stalk the shoreline, the Silver Kenai Alaska fishingSalmon fishing heats up, and we have some of the finest fishing of the year. In September you will experience a large run of big silver salmon weighing 10-15 pounds! In addition to the fantastic Silver Salmon, you can fish for trophy Trout, making for some of the finest days of fishing in Kenai Alaska.

Trout Fishing

Kenai has both big and many Trout. In late fall the Trout come out to eat, and it is amazing. Anglers willing to spend time catching Rainbow Trout are often rewarded by an encounter with the largest one they have ever seen. While on the Kenai fishing for Rainbow Trout in the late fall, you will spend time actively casting and using techniques that allow you to use your skills.

Kenai Alaska fishingWildlife Spotting

This is the time of year to spot wildlife! Mostly because of the time of the season but also because of the lack of crowds. You are likely to spot wildlife on the riverside and side of the road. There is nothing more Alaskan than catching a fish and turning around to see a moose on the shore or a bald eagle in the sky. Seeing wildlife happens more often than you think in the fall.

The Diversity

One thing about the Kenai River is that there are a ton of fish and Kenai Alaska fishing charters. When you travel to Alaska, you will have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish and if you visit at the beginning of September we can still get in a halibut trip! At Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges, you will fish for Kenai River King Salmon, Kasilof River King Salmon, Trophy Rainbow Trout, Silver Salmon, and so much more! We offer guided charters to make sure you have the opportunity to experience the variety of the Kenai River. Whether you are looking for location, species, or fishing techniques the diversity is unmatched at Jimmie Jack’s. Call us, 1-866-553-4744, and reserve your opportunity to make memories this fall!