fishing AlaskaYou have been waiting for this trip all year. It is finally June, and you are packed and ready to go to Kenai, Alaska. You arrive in Anchorage and drive to Kenai for your fishing Alaska adventure. You arrive at the Lodge and are greeted by our friendly staff. They show you to your room where you take a moment to get settled in and ready for the days ahead. Then you enjoy a bite to eat and rest off the day’s travels.

You wake up to the sun peeking through the window and a view of the gorgeous river and mountains. To get ready for the day’s adventures you pack a bag with sun protection, rain gear, and a sweatshirt. Then you head to breakfast where you enjoy a freshly made meal. After breakfast, it is time to hit the water. In June you will fish on a more secluded river for king salmon. During your guided fishing Alaska trip you are taught new techniques and skills. You wait patiently, and then you feel a tug on the line. You start reeling in to find a 20 pound salmon on the other end. Then, you take it off the hook and pose with it for a picture that will bring back memories for years to come.

After all the work of lugging in the huge fish, you enjoy a fisherman’s lunch on the boat. Then you continue fishing Alaskacatching amazing and unique fish that you have never seen before. After a full day of events, you head back to the lodge and get cleaned up. You enjoy a complimentary drink and appetizers on the deck as you look over the incredible Alaska scenery. Then you enjoy a fantastic homemade dinner, and then get ready for bed, so you are prepared for the days ahead.

Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Lodges offers endless fishing opportunities. Whether you want to catch a record king salmon or a combo, we have charters for all types of fishing. You will learn valuable skills and tips from our guides, and you will make memories that will last a lifetime. When you choose to fish in Alaska and stay at Jimmie Jack’s you are sure to have the perfect fishing Alaska trip.