best salmon fishing in alaskaYour line casts out, and as the lure hits the turquoise water, a ripple makes it’s way across the surface. Your guide describes a bit of history of the area as you calmly wait for a bite on your hook. While being in such a magnificent region, it is hard to ignore what makes this place so great. Here at Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge, we want to introduce you to our waterways and uncover a few secrets as to why we love our location so much!

The Kenai River

For some of the best salmon fishing in Alaska, anglers from across the world embark on adventures with Jimmie Jack’s to experience the Kenai River. It is easy to see why when you get here. With sparkling turquoise waters, breathtaking mountain views, and premier fishing, the Kenai River is a king amongst the Alaskan waterways. Whether you are in search of a trophy king salmon or a beautiful rainbow trout, you can find the best in the Kenai. As a route in the most abundant salmon run each year, this river becomes a hot spot for anglers of all levels of experience. Join us on a Jimmie Jack’s fishing adventure this upcoming fishing season for your chance to get a taste of what fishing on the Kenai River is really like!

best salmon fishing in alaskaThe Kasilof River

The Kasilof River is a sizeable glacial waterway empties into the Upper Cook Inlet, providing easy access to not only the fantastic river salmon fishing but also phenomenal saltwater fishing. You can find jaw-dropping king salmon fishing with a Jimmy Jack’s fishing charter that takes you out onto this gorgeous channel for an unforgettable angling experience. This river is less crowded than the Kenai River creating calm waters, and there is even a non-motorized only section for a quiet day out in the vast Alaskan wilderness. Our experienced Kasilof River guides will take you out to the best parts of the river for you toss your lures out and enjoy the natural beauty of this undisturbed corner of Alaska.

The Jimmie Jack’s Experience

When you embark on an adventure with our Jimmie Jack’s Alaska salmon fishing lodges, whether it is the Original Alaska Lodge or the Alaska Seascape Lodge, you will have the chance to experience these magnificent waterways first-hand. The Kenai River and Kasilof River, along with several tributaries in the surrounding area create veins of prime fishing. We revel in the absolutely incredible location we are so fortunate to have here and want to invite you to join us for the upcoming Alaska salmon fishing season and enjoy all that our family-owned Alaska salmon fishing lodges have to offer!