As the end of summer approaches, the prime time to fish many species ends, too. However, for rainbow trout, the best months are still ahead of us. The rainbow trout Alaska fishing season officially ends in November, but the best months include August and September. And here at Jimmie Jack Fishing, we’re steps from some of the best rainbow trout fishing in Alaska thanks to our idyllic spot on the Kenai River. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best fishing in Alaska in August as well as the Kenai River’s trophy rainbow trout. 

Jimmie Jack and boy holding rainbow troutFish in Alaska: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is a member of the salmonid family and are a native fish in Alaska. Although sometimes the fish migrate to the ocean, they generally stay in freshwater, which is why the Kenai River is home to some of the best rainbow trout fishing in Alaska. They eat crustaceans, insects, and small fish. Because of their diet, they are most effectively baited with spinners, plugs, and flies as Alaska’s regulations require artificial lures with single hooks. 

Kenai River Rainbow Trout Trip 

On our eight-hour Alaska fishing trip, up to four anglers can catch and release rainbow trout. Most trout are on average 1-5 pounds and 22-26 inches long, but the longest fish caught here at Jimmie Jack’s was 33 inches. On this trip, you’ll ride in Jimmie Jack’s Willie powerboats, although drift boats are also effective for the rainbow trout fishing in Alaska. 

Fishing Resorts in Alaska 

Here at Jimmie Jack’s, we provide some of the best fishing in Alaska, let alone the best rainbow trout fishing. Our professionally-trained guides share their knowledge during each expedition to ensure that you bait, hook, and reel in dozens of monster trout.  Later, retreat to our Original Alaska Lodge or our Alaska Seascape Lodge for a night of relaxation after a long day on the water. Book our Rainbow Trout Trip to take full advantage of the best fishing in Alaska in August, at one of the best fishing resorts in the world. Call us at 866-553-474 or connect with us online to book.