Alaska fishing tripOver the winter months many anglers get a bit of cabin fever, and though many can take a trip out ice fishing, it just isn’t the same as getting out on the open water. This winter, shake off those cold weather blues and begin planning your Alaska fishing trip with Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge. There is nothing like looking forward to your favorite season and giving yourself something to look forward and get you through the frigid winter days.

The Best Parts Of Planning Ahead

Though you may not be in the mind frame of warmer days of bobbing over the waves, booking ahead has a few advantages to it. Not only will it get you excited for winter to come to a close, but you will have a leg up on other anglers looking for the same trip that you are. When you have your heart set on a particular species of fish and a season for casting your lines, it is best to book early. By reserving your Alaska fishing trip before the ground thaws, you will be able to snatch up your ideal trip dates. “The early bird gets the worm” rings true when it comes to reserving your unforgettable Jimmie Jack’s experience.

Goodbye Old Man Winter

Alaska fishing tripOld man winter loves to rear his ugly head, but that won’t get you down when you begin making plans for your summer Alaska fishing trip. Look forward to the warm sun shining down on you as you bait your hook and cast out for the chance at another monster catch. When you stay with us at Jimmie Jack’s, your early reservation will ensure you the best dates of the season, the best lodging, and one of our experienced guides so that you get the most out of your excursion.

The Jimmie Jack’s Experience

Jimmie Jack’s Fishing Lodge is home to world-class fishing experiences so you can rest assured that no matter when you set out on an Alaska fishing trip with us that is will be an experience to remember. Whether you stay at our Seascape Lodge or The Original Lodge, you will be in absolute comfort with phenomenal service. Visit our website or call us at 1-866-553-4744  and begin planning your premier fishing experience today!