The man behind Jimmie Jack Fishing, the best Alaska fishing guides on the Kenai.I always refer to my team as “The Best Team in the Land.” Our team here at Jimmie Jack Fishing has a culture of excellence, preparedness, punctuality, and professionalism. I meet so many guests every season who voluntarily tell me that my team is absolutely amazing. I believe that our culture attracts great people because great people love to be on a team that exudes excellence. Excellence should be able to be found in the way we talk, our dress code, our work ethic, our personal habits, and our level of empathy for our other teammates and our guests.  When it comes right down to it, we act as a high functioning family. 

Jimmie Jack’s Commitment to Excellence

Team JJF has members who are going to do more than their own work duties. A good analogy is that if I asked 3 of my team members to clean a large room, it would turn out spotless, because they would not only clean their section, but they would push beyond the boundaries of their area and double clean other areas too. In the end, we end up with an excellent result and a very clean room. The standards are high at Jimmie Jack Fishing, and only those people who are on board with setting high standards stick around. When a team member lives with high personal standards, they are not threatened by being on a team that requires high performance. 

A Decorated Staff

All in all, my team has won 6 TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence” Awards, and 1 “Traveler’s Choice” Award for 2020. We are currently in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame since 2018 because of our consecutive awards. 

Please WATCH this Christmastime film that I made for our team, the “Best Team in the Land!” 

Fish for fun,

Jimmie Jack