Taking kids fishing in Alaska is sure to lead to found memories.Although the majority of anglers coming to the Kenai Peninsula are adults, we eagerly welcome anyone who wants to take their kids fishing in Alaska. If you are reading this, then you probably already know the valuable lessons we learn during our time as anglers, but it’s worth noting regardless. Introducing your kids to the Alaskan version of your favorite pastime will almost surely get them hooked, meaning you’ll likely have at least one guaranteed fishing buddy for life! Now, part of the challenge behind taking kids fishing is that you’ll have to practice a great deal of patience. But the best part about Jimmie Jack Fishing is that not only is there an abundance of fish, but you and your children will have some of the most accomplished anglers on the Kenai, guiding you every step of the way.

Taking Kids Fishing: Passing Down Important Life Skills

Fishing can be a lot of fun for kids or it can be a major drag. The best way to ensure your children have a great time is to try and keep them involved by asking questions and allowing them to do so as well. The weather can change drastically in Alaska. And children are sometimes bashful, so another way to ensure they enjoy themselves is to make sure they have appropriate clothing and tell them to let you know they aren’t comfortable with what they’re wearing. After all, being humble is one of the most common lessons in angling. Family time doesn’t quite feel like it used to, but taking your kids to experience their first Alaska fishing season is a step in the right direction. As they grow up, you’ll notice your children applying the lessons learned from fishing. That’s your cue to pat yourself on the back.

Tips for Taking Kids Fishing in Alaska

As much as we adore having kids up at the lodge, it’s a little more involved than handing them a rod and saying, “Good luck!” Ideally, the best way to make sure they enjoy themselves is to let them catch a few. Otherwise, they may get bored and give up on the hobby altogether. The last thing you want is to have a disinterested youngster moping about the lodge. Today we put together a few little tips to help you and your kiddos get the most out of your Kenai Peninsula experience.

  • We mentioned iA pair of fathers and sons show off their massive load of salmon.t above, but dressing your kids for inclement weather is critical. Remember, kids can be a lot more sensitive than adults and aren’t always vocal about their desires. 
  • Stay positive and try not to be overly critical of your youngsters. They’re there to have fun just like you, and a smile on your face can go a long way regarding their enjoyment—and yours!
  • Encourage your children to ask questions.
  • Tell them it’s okay to make a mistake. Much of what we learn about fishing comes from trial and error. They have to start somewhere!
  • Ask your guide about the best age-appropriate species for your kids, then have a friendly competition for most and biggest catch.
  • Let them use their imagination. If they want to pretend that they’re a frontiersman discovering the Kenai River, then more power to them. You may even want to join in the fun!

Alaska Fishing Guides: The Ultimate Angling Education

Again, much of what we learn from fishing stems from trial and error, and a child’s experience is likely to be quite similar. Taking your kids fishing in Alaska not only helps get them into a sport they’ll love forever, but it also gives you a chance to have a lifelong bonding experience with your new fishing buddies. For more information or to make a reservation, please continue to browse the website or call 907-262-5561.