An avid angler shows off a king salmon on the banks of the Kasilof RiverFor most anglers, the words Alaska and king salmon are almost synonymous. As the largest of Alaska’s five native salmon species, the king—a.k.a. Chinook salmon— has become a highly coveted trophy. The only thing better than venturing to the best place for salmon fishing in Alaska is doing so with one of Jimmie Jack’s Kasilof fishing guides. Combine your grit and determination with their unrivaled know-how to produce the most exciting fishing trip of your life! 

King Salmon of the Kasilof River

Year after year, salmon spawn in the fresh inland waters and then head to the ocean after their first or second year of existence. After nearly half a decade, these substantial salmonids make their way back up the mouth of the rivers to the freshwaters of Alaska’s interior to commence the cycle once again. This reoccurring migration is aptly referred to as the Alaskan Salmon Run. During these runs, king salmon will develop quite an appetite, making it the perfect time for fishermen and women to taste the exhilaration of reeling one home. What’s more, Jimmie Jack’s offers 8-hour guided fishing trips, so you’ll get a piece of the action!

Salmon Fishing in Alaska on the Kasilof River

It may sound weird, but one of the best facets of early summer fishing on the Kasilof is that the water is too low for motorboats. As you can imagine, this invites the perfect environment for a peaceful and bountiful fishing experience. Within the last two weeks of May, through June, early summer visitors can take advantage of the main run of king salmon on the Kasilof River. Water levels are lower, and provide for more technical fishing as your guide rows you through smaller and strategic ambush points.. Those who show up a little later in July can be rewarded with a larger king although the fishing is very different with high water flow, and more of an anchor fishery.

Jimmie Jack’s Kasilof Fishing Guides

Salmon Run AlaskaThe time to start thinking about salmon fishing in Alaska is now. As other anglers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts begin to scratch the itch left behind from the winter doldrums, and it’s imperative that you book your trip before everything fills up! Jimmie Jack’s offers the professional knowledge and expertise of Kasilof fishing guides to ensure you get the best opportunity to catch a king salmon. With excellent lodging and a sizable fleet, you’ll have everything you need. It’s no wonder Jimmie Jack’s has become one of the premier Alaska fishing lodges.