A jubilant female angler proudly displays her large salmon while fall fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska.Serious anglers know there is no better place on earth for salmon fishing than in the state of Alaska. For many, Kenai River salmon fishing is a dream come true. And if you want the best chance of reeling in a trophy, consider using local guides. That’s where Jimmie Jack Drath and his dedicated staff at Jimmie Jack Fishing come in; we’re here to deliver unforgettable salmon fishing trips on the Kenai River. 

Kenai River Salmon Fishing Lodges

Centrally located on the Kenai Peninsula, Jimmie Jack Fishing offers two fishing lodges that provide ideal accommodations for your salmon fishing trip to the Kenai River. Unlike other lodges, the conditions are excellent; you won’t exactly be roughing it when you stay with us. 

  • Original Alaska Fishing Lodge – The full Alaska experience is available at the Original Lodge. The setting atop a bluff overlooking the Cook Inlet means that you’ll be treated to beautiful views. After a day out on the water, you can relax on a lodge deck while waves crash below you. Lodge packages come with groups having their own room or cabin for a private, relaxed experience when not exploring the outdoors.
  • Alaska Seascape Lodge – For a more luxurious experience, choose the Alaska Seascape Lodge. One of the few all-inclusive lodges in the region, the Alaska Seascape Lodge is perfect for those who want the amenities of a five-star property alongside their fishing adventure. A menu featuring halibut, salmon (of course), and king crab blends perfectly with complimentary wine and drinks. This lodge maxes out at 20 guests, so book early for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With well-appointed accommodations, great amenities, fantastic service, and, most importantly, quick access to some of the best fishing spots in Alaska, it’s no wonder so many choose one of Jimmie Jack’s lodges as the home base for their ultimate Alaskan fishing trip!

What to Expect Fishing with Jimmie Jack

Jimmie Jack's Original Lodge Exterior.The benefit of staying at Jimmie Jack’s – outside the fantastic lodges – is our guides and wide range of fishing options. Our charter captains know the area and the waters like the back of their hands and lend their expertise to put you in the perfect position to make a trophy catch. We have ten river vessels ideal for navigating the Kenai, chasing silver salmon, king salmon, and sockeye salmon, to name just three of the many plentiful fish in the region.

If you want to try something different, don’t worry, we have more options for you! Whether you want to take on the Kasilof River, the Cook Inlet, Homer, Seward, or fly-in destinations, we have you covered.

Book Your Salmon Fishing Trip to the Kenai River

There is no better place to base your Kenai River salmon fishing trip than either of the Jimmie Jack’s lodges. Being on the beachfront of Cook Inlet gives both lodges supreme views of a rugged, wild coastline that encourages fishing adventures from the moment you wake up until the minute you sleep. To start planning the Kenai River salmon fishing trip of a lifetime, send an email to [email protected] or call 907-262-5561 today.