two people holding a salmon in the water.The Kenai River is known across the globe for its salmon fishing. Often times, anglers book trips at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge specifically for our several salmon fishing day trips. After each fishing season, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game tracks and reports the Kenai River fish counts for year-to-year comparisons. Read on for season summaries of salmon species on the Kenai River at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge, so seasoned anglers can get an idea of how fruitful fishing here on the Kenai Peninsula can be. 

Kenai River Fish Counts: Sockeye Salmon 

By the end of August, approximately 1.85 million sockeye salmon had passed through the Kenai River. In 2018, only 1.035 million had passed through, so this season’s Kenai River fish counts for sockeye salmon were much more plentiful. The highest daily count for sockeye salmon was July 25, with a high of 99,100 fish. In result of the successful Kenai River fishing reports, the state of Alaska increased the bag and possession limits from three per day, six in possession to six per day, twelve in possession. 

Kenai River Fish Counts: King (Chinook) Salmon 

Kenai River fish counts for king salmon were also not as high as 2018’s counts, with a cumulative 11,868 at the end of August 2019. Compared to last August’s 22,133 king salmon, the Kenai River was down about 5,000 from the year previous. 

Alaska Fishing Resorts 

boats on the shoreHere at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Resort, we offer several seven- to eight-hour Kenai River salmon fishing trips. Other trips catch rainbow trout, coho salmon, halibut, and more. Return to our Alaska SeaScape Lodge for an all-inclusive stay, with meals and complimentary wine and drinks right after you return from your fishing trips.  Book your trip during peak season next year soon, as spots fill up quickly! Visit us on our website or give us a call at 866-553-4744.