Photo of Two Men Next to Their Halibut Haul Following Their First Time FishingWhen it comes to visiting Alaska, fishing is one of the most popular things to do for tourists. Here, you’ll be able to experience everything nature has to offer you, from stunning mountains to gorgeous bodies of water, and of course, plenty of fish to catch. Fishing will allow you to get up close and personal with what Alaska is most known for—its natural landscapes. When you stay at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge, you’ll be met with perfect accommodations, as well as plenty of opportunities for fishing. Each stay at Jimmie Jack’s will include fishing excursions, and you can choose between a stay at their Original Alaska Lodge or their Seascape Lodge. A stay here is sure to be an adventure and the vacation of a lifetime, but it won’t just be your average getaway. Here is everything you need to know before booking your stay with Jimmie Jack’s.

The Original Alaska Lodge and the Seascape Lodge

A stay at Jimmie Jack’s is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime, and there’s a trip to Alaska that’s right for everybody. When booking your stay at Jimmie Jack’s, you’ll have the choice of staying at their Original Alaska Lodge or their Seascape Lodge. You can even book an overnight fishing charter if that’s your thing!

Each stay with Jimmie Jack’s Original Lodge is booked as a package that varies depending on the month of the year. For June, you’ll have different package options than you’ll have for July, and each package includes your stay, breakfast, guided fishing trips, and all your tackle and gear. A stay at the Original Lodge includes patio barbecues, a campfire overlooking the sea, and full kitchens and dining areas, as well as free processing of the first 50 pounds of fish you catch during your stay here. 

A stay at the Seascape Lodge is similar to a stay at the Original Lodge as you will be fishing on the same boats with the same excellent Captains and Fishing Guides. At the Seascape Lodge, however, you will experience an evening of fine dining with appetizers, dinner, wine, and drinks in our dining room that overlooks Cook Inlet. You’ll be rewarded with amazing views here, and when you want to step outside and experience Alaska’s nature for yourself, there’s a trail that can take you straight to the beach.

First Time Fishing? What Should You Bring?

Kenai River fishingA trip to Alaska with Jimmie Jack’s is simple. Because every stay here comes as a package, you’ll only have to worry about bringing the basics. Some items they recommend bringing along are raingear, waterproof footwear (because you’ll be near a lot of water!), sun protection (sunblock and sunglasses), house shoes, food and drinks, and a camera! They also recommend bringing your own waders for if you plan on going fishing for sockeye salmon on your own. Of course, Alaska’s weather can be tricky, so check before your trip so that you know the proper clothes to bring, but with a stay at Jimmie Jack’s, you won’t need to worry about bringing any fishing gear or tackle—it’s all provided for you when you book your package!

A stay at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge is one that can’t be beaten. Only here can you get your accommodations, guides, and gear all rolled into one unique package that’s perfect for you. So, whether this will be your first time on the water, or your hundredth, make sure you book your stay with Jimmie Jack’s for an Alaskan experience unlike any other.