A fisherwoman stands next to Jimmie Jack with a nice coho salmon during fall in Alaska.Although summer seems to be the most popular season for fishing, fall in Alaska presents an assortment of perks to eager anglers. Besides a few peak runs for some species in July and August, autumn is still one of the best times to target salmon and trout on the Kenai River. Moreover, halibut fishing on the Cook Inlet can be productive through September and sometimes into October. Because of these primary considerations, Jimmie Jack Fishing remains an elite destination for serious anglers. 

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Although we’re firmly embedded in the “dog days” of summer, fall in Alaska will be here sooner than we think. As shorter days and crisp air become more commonplace, Dolly Varden, rainbow trout, and pink and silver salmon will make their way from the illustrious Kenai River just in time for a late-season retreat. During this time, silver salmon—often referred to as coho—are particularly large, with some specimens exceeding 15 pounds! These wiley salmonids are known for their ferocious fight and willingness to stroke bait and spinners with little to no discernment. Some years you will also find an abundance of pink salmon at nearly every stop.

Trout Fishing in Alaska

Another advantage to making the trek to Alaska in the fall is the excellent trout fishing opportunities. Trophy-sized rainbows and Dolly Varden will move in to feed upon loose fish eggs leftover from spawning salmon. As a result, these relatively large individuals from both species will continue to thrive and make themselves available to anyone fortunate enough to visit the Kenai River. 

Fishing During Fall in Alaska | Fewer People, More Peace

A senior fisherman smiles with Jimmie Jack as they hold an Alaskan salmon.It never seems to get too hot in Alaska. But still, the cooler autumn temperatures will provide an additional layer of comfort. Furthermore, there will be far fewer mosquitos and other annoying insects. Another noteworthy perk to visiting Alaska in the fall is a drastic decrease in tourist activity. Now, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate the visitors, but our guests place fishing at the forefront of their agendas, and the shoulder season will provide the serenity they deserve. We’ll locate the most active spots on the river and focus on its latest residents, depending on water levels and ease of access.

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If you’re looking for more than a fishing trip during fall in Alaska, Jimmie Jack’s will not disappoint. Since 1995, Jimmie Jack Fishing has been delivering unforgettable fishing trips on the Kenai Peninsula. Part of what makes this Alaska fishing lodge more than just another Kenai River charter service is the close attention to detail and unrivaled lodging and service. Combined with one of the most productive salmon and trout fisheries in the world, and you’ll have the makings for an epic adventure! For more details or to make reservations, please visit our frequently asked questions page or call 907-262-5561 today!