An eager angler smiles while standing next to a devout guide while enjoying a fishing trip.As we say goodbye to fall and await winter’s arrival, the Alaska fishing season at Jimmie Jack’s Fishing will come to a close. As much as we look forward to a short break, we’ll also be eagerly looking forward to resuming our Alaskan fishing charters in May. While we glance ahead and plan for next summer, we implore you to do the same. We know that many avid anglers will be seeking a much-needed summer fishing trip, so early booking is the best way to ensure you get the lodging and dates you want to be on the Kenai Peninsula. Taking care to plan your trip is crucial to maximizing your experience, so to offer a little motivation, we put together three reasons to book your fishing trip early. 

Desired Dates and Availability

While some people have earned the right to block off dates for work on a moment’s notice, not everyone’s employer affords that perk. In some cases, employees have to request time off for weeks or even months in advance. Knowing when you’ll be taking time off for your fishing trip and requesting it can go a long way regarding communication with your charter. Reviewing dates six months to a year out may seem like overkill, but you’ll be glad you did as you intensively plan your itinerary. 

Finances and Expenses

Sometimes the most prominent factors to consider for a fishing trip are easily overlooked. It goes without saying you’ll need enough money saved up to pay for your deposits to confirm your booking. However, many have had to change their plans because they were unaware of and didn’t have money to cover deposits. Planning greatly simplifies your trip’s financial aspect by giving you enough time to save for additional travel expenses and manage your spending leading up to the departure. 

Flights and Other Transportation

Possibly the most demanding part of a fishing trip is booking flights and other transportation. Depending on where you live, there is a high possibility that you’ll need to fly to Anchorage, and getting your flights right is exceptionally imperative. Too many times have trips been canceled due to misunderstanding flight times, what’s more, you still have to pay for the flight even if you miss it! Fortunately, once you arrive in Anchorage, you have the option to take a scenic drive to Jimmie Jack’s or take advantage of our partnerships with Grant Aviation and Ravn Aviation with a 25-minute flight to the Kenai Peninsula.

Book Your Kenai River Fishing Trip

A row of top-notch fishing boats used at Jimmie Jack's Fishing.Booking accommodations in advance is useful for any vacation, if not essential, and a fishing trip is no different. Jimmie Jack Fishing on the Kenai River offers more than just Alaskan fishing charters. Choose from either the Original Alaska Lodge or the luxurious SeaScape Lodge for an unforgettable excursion at one of the world’s most productive fisheries. For more information or to book your stay, please visit us online or call 866-553-4744.