Two avid anglers enjoying the best time to visit Alaska.For decades, Jimmie Jack’s Alaskan fishing charters have been providing anglers visiting the Kenai Peninsula, arguably the most comprehensive and well-rounded experience in the region. From freshwater masters to saltwater skippers, our fishing guides choose from over a dozen different salmon runs and fisheries throughout the season. What does this mean for John Q. Angler? It means that anyone who books a stay with Jimmie Jack Fishing will have an excellent opportunity to catch salmon, halibut, and trout in some of Alaska’s most productive waters. But maybe you’re asking yourself, “When is the best time to visit Alaska?” Well, that is going to depend mostly on what you want to target. The bottom line is that the Kenai Peninsula and its waters offer an unrivaled experience from late May through September, but you’ll need to decide what you’ll be going after.

The Best Time to Visit Alaska | May-June Early Runs

The primary salmon runs start delivering catchable numbers sometime around early May when the river has become shallow and extremely clear. Although this run is a bit smaller than the following run in July, there are fewer anglers and boats to contend with, creating a more enjoyable experience. During this time, salmon tend to congregate in a few deep holes, with each tide bringing in a fresh crop into the Kenai River. As for the Kasilof River, the king salmon has become a fan-favorite for many of our guests. This glacier-fed waterway leads to the Cook Inlet and offers an excellent chance to immerse yourself in the rugged elegance of this pristine environment. Because the water can be so low on the Kasilof, drift boats are the most effective way to fish. Multiple hook-ups are frequent, and kids love the seemingly endless action.

The Best Time to Visit Alaska for Sockeye Salmon Fishing

They are widely considered Alaska’s best-tasting fish, sockeye—or reds—become available in mid-June and can be targeted into early August. Beginning in the upper-Kenai, Russian River reds will be the first of many. By mid-July, the second run will get going at a massive rate when 600,000 to 1,000,000 sockeyes begin entering the river for about four weeks. This is easily the most popular sockeye run as it attracts thousands of anglers every year. 

The Best Time to Visit Alaska for Trophy Rainbow Trout

Even though the Kenai River is home to several king salmon fisheries, many avid anglers will tell you stories about the many world-class rainbows and Dolly Varden fisheries it holds. Opening in early-June, the upper-Kenai above Skilak lake has an extraordinary catch and release trout fishery boasting in-river numbers as high as 2000 rainbows per mile! Although the trout fishing on the Kenai is great all summer, the action really fires up as salmon begin to spawn, an unintended invitation to several hungry rainbows and Dollies.

Halibut Fishing on the Cook Inlet | Season-Long Saltwater

No Alaskan luxury lodge would be complete without the opportunity to chase halibut! With specimens ranging from 10 to 400 pounds, it’s always exhilarating to find out what is tugging at your line. Operating from the beaches along Deep Creek or more south in Homer, weather conditions can dictate what is available. The best part is, the Cook Inlet is productive from May through September, and you’ll have a shot at various species depending on the time of year. It is worth noting that low tides offer the best shot at rod-bending excitement. Alaska Fishing 

Season | Kenai Luxury Lodges

Two fishermen smile as the stand over a pile of fresh halibut.The experiences we touched on above are some of the most prevalent at Jimmie Jack Fishing. Still, we also have a remote fishing experience well off the beaten track via flyouts beginning in the second week of June and lasting until the end of July. No matter when you choose to come, you can make an argument that the whole summer is the best time to visit Alaska when you’re fishing with Jimmie Jack. For more information or to make a reservation, please check us out online or call 907-262-5561 today!