A mighty bear foraging in a remote Alaskan wetland.

Although fishing is your primary objective at Jimmie Jack’s, bear watching on the Kenai Peninsula is something you won’t soon forget. Like most remote locales, the best places for viewing these majestic creatures as they roam and forage are often only accessible by floatplane or boat and are within proximity to Jimmie Jack’s Fishing. The inland streams and rivers on our slice of paradise are home to some of the most fascinating Alaskan wildlife and provide an unparalleled bear watching experience. Filled with magnificent alpine forests, pristine lakes, and gushing rivers, the Kenai Peninsula is like no place on earth, and finding the words to describe it has proven to be no easy task. Although wildlife observation can be a reasonably simple endeavor, we think you’ll find our guidelines useful nonetheless. Below, we share with you some of the best ways to maximize your Alaska getaway.

The Kenai Peninsula’s Alaskan Wildlife 

Quite possibly one of the most beautiful places in Alaska, if not the world, is the Kenai Peninsula. This stunning landmass offers an unimaginable abundance of unscathed scenic tranquility found in very few places on the planet. Home to a spectacular array of Alaskan wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and coveted natural attractions, you’ll soon find yourself admiring more than the bears. Without further delay, here are some basic tips for bear watching in Alaska.

Silence is Your Best Cover

Since they are relatively solitary animals, bears aren’t too thrilled about sharing their habitat with noisy humans. Your wildlife guide will bring you to several premium vantage points throughout the area, allowing you to witness these living treasures without bothering them. Bears have an excellent sense of hearing and an even better sense of smell, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind when seeking a glimpse at these magnificent specimens. 

Binoculars Are Key

While some may immediately think to utilize a scope, binoculars are a much better option because of their compact size, ease of transportation, and affordable price points. The most recommended specifications will allow you to zoom in from a distance without diminishing your focus. Many avid wildlife watchers prefer an “8×32” set of binoculars. Meaning you’ll have eight times the magnification with 32-millimeter objective (front) lenses. 

Always Be Patient

The world works in mysterious ways, and Mother Nature is no exception. You should become familiar with the local bear population’s antics and tendencies before going out; however, even the most seasoned enthusiasts will tell you these creatures can be unpredictable. Fortunately, high-quality nourishment and more-than-ideal living conditions support a significant bear population on the Kenai Peninsula. Patience is imperative, and it’s important to remember that given the local attributes, you’re probably more likely to see a bear than to not, especially if you’re making an effort. 

The Kenai Peninsula’s Best Alaskan Fishing Resort

If you’re hoping to knock some things off your bucket list, then look no further than Jimmie Jack’s Fishing. Whether it’s the Seascape or the Original Alaska Lodge, you’re in line to make more than a few unforgettable memories. For more information or to secure your reservation, please visit our website or call 866-553-4744. We can’t wait to induct you into the Jimmie Jack Fishing Club!