Alaska RockfishJust like the lingcod, the Alaska rockfish is another under-the-radar species that Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge has charters for. However, the Pacific rockfish is a popular fish in Asian and American cooking—and if you haven’t tried it, catching and eating it fresh is the best way to do it! Before you go out on Alaska rockfish charters, learn a little bit about the spiny carnivore, so you know what you’re getting into. 

Types of Fish in Alaska: The Alaska Rockfish

The Alaska rockfish (Sebastes spp) is a member of the Scorpaenidae family. They live in the North Pacific Ocean, living in rocky reefs or even deep ocean floors. The Alaskan rockfish can be green, blue, brown, copper, black, or red—so if you’ve seen a redfish in Alaska, chances are it might have been a rockfish. Depending on the depth of their relative homes, the brightness of their colors varies: the deeper the water, the brighter their body. Many of them have yellow eyes, but all 100 species of rockfish have poisonous spines. Other nicknames include the Pacific Ocean perch, red snapper, Pacific snapper, or rock cod. 

Alaska Rockfish Fishing Charters

On the Seward Fishing Combo, you’ll be able to catch and keep four Alaska rockfish. (Don’t forget to be careful when handling the rockfish and their spines after catching them!) Since only six anglers are allowed on this trip, you’ll have more attention from the deckhand. They can range from one to 40 pounds but typically weigh two to five. In terms of length, the fish can be from five to 41 inches. Although rockfish can be caught by trawling, longlining, jigging, trapping, and trolling, here at Jimmie Jack’s, we catch them with tackle and bait. We’ll help you fillet them, so they’re all ready to go for the kitchen. When you cook them up, you’ll be able to experience their sweet and nutty taste. Wondering how to cook rockfish? Baking, sauteing, broiling, and poaching are all great methods. 

Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge

Make sure to book your Alaska rockfish charters early, as the Seward Fishing Combo is a popular charter for locals. For more information about fishing charters with Jimmie Jack’s, visit our website, or give us a call at 866-553-4744.